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The Power of Perceptions and Understanding
Changing How We Deliver Treatment

In any situation, a person decides what to do based on understanding of facts, issues, options for action and consequences. One size does not fit all. Hamilton Medical & Associates recognize that every individual needs a customized therapeutic protocol. While problems maybe similar across any age group, the way each person processes an issue differs. We are here to offer our clients the ability to recognize specific disorders or different types of psychological distress.


What We Offer

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Entrust Your Care To a Group of professionals
Who Handle a Broad Range of Conditions

Hamilton Medical & Associates provide therapy for various mental disorders. That said, some people specialize in the therapy of specific conditions whereas others focus on a different group of diseases. When you work with a group of professionals, you are more likely to receive the specialized care you need. Examples of disorders you might undergo psychotherapy include:

  • – Anxiety as well as PTSD or Panic Attacks
  • – Depression and Bipolar Disorders
  • – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • – Substance abuse as a co-occurring condition
  • – ADHD and other mental disorders

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