Primary Care

At Hamilton Medical and Associates, we treat acute and chronic illnesses by providing preventative care and treatment for children and adults. We offer healthcare services for the entire family including:

  • Annual routine physicals
  • Prescriptions refills
  • Same day acute care visits
  • Referrals to other health care specialists

Our primary purpose is to provide our patients the highest possible quality health care and personal attention, while empowering them to take an active role in owning and managing their own personal health-listening to our patients and treating them with dignity, compassion, and courtesy we would expect for ourselves. We want our patients to feel Confident, Respected, and Special.

We strive to make every contact with our clinic a personal and professional experience that makes a difference every day in your health and wellness.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners serve as healthcare providers for children and adults

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse (RN) with advanced training in diagnosing and treating illness. NPs prescribe medications, treat illness, and administer physical exams. NPs differ from physicians in that they focus on prevention, wellness, and education.

Services provided by NPs include:

  • Obtain medical histories and perform physical examinations
  • Provide immunizations and other preventative screenings
  • Diagnose and treat illnesses
  • Identify, treat, and manage chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis
  • Order and interpret diagnostic tests such as x-rays, blood work, and EKGs
  • Prescribe medications
  • Prescribe physical therapy, massage therapy, and other rehabilitation therapy
  • Provide education to allow patients to make decisions about their own health
  • Refer to other health care providers