Our Services

Medication Management

Medication Management-includes providing education and increasing knowledge base regarding pharmacologic treatment.

Primary Care

Primary Care- provides long-term patient provider relationships, coordinates care across a spectrum of health services, educates and offers disease prevention options.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy- gives you an opportunity to discuss topics with a therapist. Patients and therapists form partnerships. Together, they work toward solving problems and achieving goals.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy- brings in loved ones in the therapy process through a holistic approach. Family psychotherapy assist the primary client and family to cope with the difficult dynamics and stressors, to improve family interaction, obtain tools and gain insight.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy- allows the members of the group to work on advancing their interpersonal communication skills. Taking turns, having meaningful conversations, building trust, and excelling in leadership roles are all benefits of group therapy services.


Evidence-based clinical therapies are complemented by holistic and creative therapies such as, yoga, meditation, nutrition and life skills classes to engage and restore the body and spirit, as well as the mind.